PBC Innovation Center

850 North 5th Street

Anchored by Arizona State University, the PBC Innovation Center is a 226,000 square-foot research and office building designed to expand ASU’s research footprint in downtown Phoenix and facilitate growth of the private sector in bioscience and health technology.

Additional Project Information

Institutional Sponsor:

  • Arizona State University

Features and Amenities:

  • 7 stories, fully lab-enabled
  • LEED Silver certification projected
  • Located in the Evans-Churchill neighborhood in downtown Phoenix
  • Walking distance to public transportation, new residential buildings, hotels, restaurants and arts district
  • Part of the Phoenix Biomedical Campus, which includes the University of Arizona College of Medicine, the Phoenix Union Bioscience High School, and other biomedical groups. Learn more at biomedicalphoenix.com

For Additional Information Contact

Kyle Jardine  

Director, Development, Wexford Science + Technology

e: kyle.jardine@wexfordscitech.com   p: 801.450.2043

At 226,000 square feet, you will have everything from a scientist with an idea renting a bench and using equipment, to attorneys and marketers who can help them grow their business, to full labs, to large labs and to eventually having commercialization. ... This is not just your typical building. It's much more about driving new companies and life-saving technologies and ideas.

- Christine Mackay, Community and Economic Development Director, City of Phoenix