Show Notes

Richard and Mengistu Koilor are two brothers from West Philadelphia who have transformed their passion for brewing into a beacon of hope for their community. Their brewery, aptly named “Two Locals,” is more than just a place to enjoy a cold one. It’s a place where researchers, innovators, artists and others cluster and connect in Two Locals new taproom at 3675 Market Street, within uCity Square.

Richard and Mengistu started with a simple idea: to bring quality craft beer to their hometown. But their vision quickly expanded. They wanted to create jobs, support local suppliers, and provide a safe, welcoming space for people to gather.

Their new brewery and taproom does just that and so much more.  Drop by any evening around happy hour and you are likely to meet everyone from a lab team in one of the many cell and gene therapy companies within uCity Square, to professors from Penn or Drexel, to West Philadelphia residents meeting old friends and making new ones.