Who We Are

Wexford is a trusted, long-term development partner.

We collaborate with clients to create vibrant, mixed-use, amenity-rich communities that drive innovation across multiple disciplines, and are built on a foundation of research, discovery, entrepreneurial activity, corporate engagement, and community outreach.

Our Company

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Our History

Formed specifically to meet the growing and specialized real estate needs of universities and research institutions.

For over fifteen years Wexford has been at the forefront of creating a new value proposition for fully integrated innovation districts, what we call Knowledge Communities, as primary drivers of economic development in many metropolitan regions.

Wexford is an independent company, owned and operated by its existing management team, and consists of over 60 professionals.

Meet Our Team
Agile problem-solvers and experienced implementers, we bring deep financial and real estate expertise to every project, along with a shared focus on your vision.
James Berens
Founder and Chairman
Daniel Cramer
Vice Chairman
Ted Russell
President, Chief Executive & Chief Financial Officer
Sandy Weeks, Esq.
Executive Vice President
Joseph Reagan, Jr., AIA
Executive Vice President, Development
Thomas Osha
Executive Vice President
Danielle Howarth, Esq.
Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel
Travis Sheridan
Senior Vice President, Chief Community Officer
Doug Woodruff
Senior Vice President, West Region Executive
Scott Fees
Senior Vice President, West Region Executive
Caroline Moore
Senior Vice President, Southeast Region Executive
John Grady
Senior Vice President, Northeast Region Executive
Mark Korczakowski, CFA
Senior Vice President, Asset Management
Christopher Petersen, PE
Senior Vice President, Engineering and Construction
Marco Chacon, PhD.
Senior Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer
Debra Moreland
Senior Vice President, Administration
Dennis Miller
Senior Vice President, Market Executive

How We Work

We are agile, focused, and forward-thinking.

We focus solely on academic and research institutions. This expertise allows us to optimize financial returns and minimize costs for our partners.

Our Track Record

Wexford has developed or is developing seventeen innovation ecosystems in partnership with our institutional partners across eleven states, with projects in key urban centers including Baltimore, Chicago, Durham, Miami, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Providence, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, and St. Louis.

A Robust Innovation Network of Connected Institutional Partners

The University Innovation NetworkTM

With a critical mass of top research universities, academic medical centers, health systems, and research institutions within the Wexford portfolio, we created The University Innovation Network TM, which fosters connections between companies and institutions across our platform. In these interactions, we work to promote research, technology, and student and faculty talent, with the goal of helping to make new productive connections.

What Our Partners Have to Say

Our dealings with Wexford have been uniformly characterized by transparency, fair dealing and good will, which produced attractive, highly functional buildings significantly contributing to the creation of a globally-recognized innovation district. Wake Forest Baptist Health and Wake Forest University have been markedly advanced in their missions through the collaboration with Wexford.

J. Reid Morgan, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Wake Forest University
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