Cortex I

4320 Forest Park Avenue

This 152,403 square foot office and lab space houses Washington University research facilities as well as new private companies that were formed to commercialization the research. Cortex 1 is also home to BioGenerator, one of the nation’s premier nonprofit biotechnology incubation programs, supporting the capital and laboratory needs of over 65 bioscience startups.


4240 Duncan Avenue

@4240 is 202,500 square feet of office and lab space offering a unique environment for a range of companies including those involved in life sciences, research, technology, legal, innovation and entrepreneurship. @4240 is the focal point of a growing innovation cluster in Cortex with the addition of Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC).

4220 Duncan

4220 Duncan Avenue

4220 Duncan Avenue is Wexford’s newest building in the Cortex Innovation Community. The 182,000 square foot office and lab space is scheduled to open in April 2018, providing an expanded venue for innovation and entrepreneurism for small and large companies seeking to locate in the hub of the St. Louis life science and technology marketplace.

Cortex Commons

Located in front of @4240, the Commons features beautiful green space with areas for relaxing, meetings and programming where you can connect and create new experiences.

Aloft Hotel

The 129-room, five-story Aloft hotel is geared towards millennials and young professionals and will feature a restaurant, lounge, indoor pool, fitness center and outdoor living space. The hotel is being developed by Midas Hospitality in partnership with Wexford.

Additional Project Information

Institutional Sponsors:

  • Washington University in St. Louis

Additional Institutional Relationships:

  • St. Louis University
  • BJC HealthCare

Features and Amenities:

  • World-class biotech facilities amid historical neighborhood amenities
  • Proximity to world-class research institutions
  • Trained and responsive workforce
  • Unprecedented public/private investment resources, access to local venture capital
  • A consortium of powerful economic development organizations
  • Leading innovation centers - Cambridge Innovation Center and BioGenerator - providing entrepreneurs the best environment in which to translate ideas into start-ups

”The entire team at Cortex saw the need to create an ecosystem that allows ideas to flourish; capital to be attracted; research to be done; and really take advantage of the great students from local universities… Moving to Cortex will really advance the mission we have to build teams of entrepreneurs and startups. We want to put our people in an environment where they are around like-minded folks to develop new capabilities and processes.”


- Tim Noonan, Vice President

Boeing Ventures