What is a knowledge community?
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Why work with us?

Our objective is to become a long-term partner, supporting strategic organizational growth in significant, value-added ways while strengthening the communities in which we work.

  •    ✓  Leadership
  •    ✓  Experience
  •    ✓  Stable financial resources
  •    ✓  Strategic thinking and planning
  •    ✓  Agility
  •    ✓  Decisiveness
  •    ✓  A thoughtful, collaborative spirit

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Agile. Focused. Forward-thinking.

Our team of professionals comprises agile problem solvers and highly focused implementers who bring financial expertise, a deep knowledge base, and experience to every project.


Our Representative

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We have invested in and developed strategic projects for a number of the nation’s premier universities, university-related research parks and healthcare systems.

Our experience includes:

  •   •  Strategic thinking & planning for project development
  •   •  Creative financing programs
  •   •  Design
  •   •  Construction
  •   •  Marketing and leasing
  •   •  Asset management
  •   •  Programming
  •   •  And more


Our Impact

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Helping to Fuel the Nation’s Innovation Economy.

We contribute to the nation’s Innovation Economy by having a significant impact in the areas of economic development, community development, urban revitalization, and sustainable design. Through the environments we create, we support new discoveries and advancements in the areas of science, technology, healthcare and education.