The Wexford SciTech Venture Fund is focused on investing in early-stage companies in the industry sectors operating or seeking to operate in markets where Wexford has or is developing a Knowledge Community.

The Fund is focused on investing in early and late-stage seed opportunities. The fund will initially concentrate its efforts primarily in life sciences and technology companies. In addition to financial support, portfolio companies will have access to Wexford’s substantial network of university talent, industry experts, strategic partners, and resources to help them scale and grow.


Sector and Eligibility

The Fund is focused on companies in industry sectors operating or seeking to operate in markets where Wexford has or is developing a Knowledge Community. The Fund will seek to invest in a diverse set of companies.

Stage: The Fund typically invests in seed and early growth rounds, preferably in the form of convertible debt or SAFE, but it will consider Series A companies or later rounds that could dramatically improve the Fund’s financial return.

Target Size and Target Valuation: The Fund will typically make investments in companies of between $150,000 and $500,000 but may invest more, or less as needed.  The Fund invests in companies typically with a pre-money valuation of $15 million or less.

Matching: The Fund targets a minimum 1:1 match of funding from other co-investors at the same or no better commercial terms.


Portfolio Companies

3Daughters is a clinical development company focused on evolutionary healthcare for women where attention is desperately needed for cutting-edge research and innovation. 3Daughters’ vision is to solve health issues for women, particularly significant (neglected) problems.

Learn More About 3Daughters

Astek is a Baltimore-based medical device diagnostics company, with strong founder roots to the University of Maryland, Baltimore, that has developed an automated instrument that confirms presence of Urinary Tract Infections and simultaneously identifies best antibiotics to treat the infection considerably quicker than current clinical standards.

Learn More About Astek

Expert Orthopedic care from start to finish.  At Commons Clinic, our top-ranked orthopedic specialists provide comprehensive minimally-invasive surgical and conservative musculoskeletal care.

Learn More About Commons Clinic

Our mission is to develop a superior vaccine platform to improve clinical outcomes for cancer patients. Our vaccine platform is flexible, cost effective, and has a broad application across different tumor types. Our preclinical proof of concept studies were done with a colorectal cancer vaccine.

Learn More About Irazu Oncology

KaloCyte is developing ErythroMer, a dried, bio-inspired artificial red blood cell, to treat life-threatening blood loss when stored red blood cells are unavailable, undesirable or in short supply.

Learn More About KaloCyte

Previse is a Baltimore-based life science company spun out of Johns Hopkins University, with strong Founder roots the University of Maryland, Baltimore, focused on the development and commercialization of early diagnostic tests for Esophagus cancer detection and prevention.

Learn more about Previse

Key Leadership
The Wexford SciTech Venture Fund Leadership and Investment Committee are composed of members of Wexford’s senior management team and third-party technology and investing experts.
Tom Osha
President, Wexford SciTech Venture Fund
George Davis
Fund Manager, Wexford SciTech Venture Fund
Marco Chacon, PhD
Chairman of Advisory Committee, Wexford SciTech Venture Fund
Travis Sheridan
Chairman of Investment Committee, Wexford SciTech Venture Fund

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Nilofer Saba Azad, M.D.
  • Bob Storey
  • Kyp Sirinakis
  • Kristen Valdes
  • Neil Davis
  • Rick Kohr

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