We’re invested in more than just real estate.

We pursue opportunities to develop innovation ecosystems that feature an engaging, visually interesting built environment that promotes neighborhood and community development, activates and enhances the pedestrian experience, includes engaging public art, offers inclusive programming, creates inviting public spaces, and creates an environment where companies and their employees can live, work, play, learn and discover.

The iconic heart of our knowledge communities

Our Communities bring people from all walks of life together to create meaningful interactions.

Strong communities feature inviting public places that are centers for congregation, social and intellectual networking, and serve as an iconic heart of the Knowledge Community.  Wexford has thoughtfully created large parks, plazas and commons at several projects that serve this purpose.  We spend significant time and resources ensuring that our building common areas are activated and engaging places for the social interactions, both intentional and accidental, from which new relationships, ideas, and even companies are born.

Impact Story

FirstHand is opening doors for the minds of tomorrow.

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We focus on inclusiveness at every stage of development.

To ensure that our projects can represent opportunities for the local community, Wexford works closely with community groups, local school systems, community colleges, economic development organizations, work force development agencies, and other stakeholders to create an environment that provides pathways, programs, and job opportunities that build community capacity and social and economic inclusion.