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Biomedical Community

About this Community

A global leader in biomedical sciences

Located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, the PBC is a premier and dynamic environment for research activities. The Bioscience Core contains among the highest concentrations of research scientists and complementary research professionals in the region, providing firms with unprecedented opportunities for growth and collaborative efforts with industry leaders. From start-ups to multinationals, the site suits both established enterprises and those looking to expand and develop. Phoenix offers a unique quality of life, affordability, and favorable business environment for employers and employees.

Wexford’s Properties Include: 850 PBC

About Phoenix

Affordable and favorable business environment

Phoenix has sparked collaboration and growth in the biomedical industry with a commitment to provide leaders in the field a place to thrive. Much of Phoenix’s success in the biomedical industry can be attributed to the lack of barriers to enter the market, steadily growing population and a spirit of entrepreneurialism. Through further leverage of its unique assets, Phoenix will fulfill its bold ambition of becoming a world leader in biomedical sciences.


850 PBC
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850 PBC

850 PBC

An ecosystem of opportunities for meaningful collaboration with companies and the community.


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