We are a team of agile problem-solvers and experienced implementers, who bring deep financial and real estate expertise to every project, along with a shared focus on your vision.

James Berens
Chairman and President
Daniel Cramer
Vice Chairman
Sandy Weeks, Esq.
Executive Vice President
Joseph Reagan, Jr., AIA
Executive Vice President, Development
Thomas Osha
Executive Vice President
Ted Russell
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial & Chief Operating Officer
Danielle Howarth, Esq.
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Travis Sheridan
Senior Vice President, Chief Community Officer
Doug Woodruff
Senior Vice President, West Region Executive
Caroline Moore
Senior Vice President, Southeast Region Executive
John Grady
Senior Vice President, Northeast Region Executive
Mark Korczakowski, CFA
Senior Vice President, Asset Management
Christopher Petersen, PE
Senior Vice President, Engineering and Construction
Marco Chacon, PhD.
Senior Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer
Debra Moreland
Senior Vice President, Administration
Dennis Miller
Senior Vice President, Market Executive
Mark Gorski
Senior Vice President, Leasing
Jonathan D. Ades
Vice President, Finance
Sheelagh Allston, Esq.
Vice President, Senior Real Estate Counsel
Rosalio Arellanes Jr., LEED AP
Vice President, Market Executive
McKayla Adam
Manager, Property Administration
Jennifer Armstrong
Chip Benhoff
Regional Asset Manager
Steve Bernstein, CPA
Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer
Sean Burgo, LEED AP
Project Director, Construction
Susan Carlin
Executive Assistant
Bernard F. Craig, Jr.
Executive Director, Construction
Pete Cramer
Vice President, Market Executive
Michael Dembert
Vice President, Market Executive
Claire Drummond
Senior Director, Development
Jake Feight
Director, Asset Management
Jennifer M. Graciano
Regional Asset Manager
Gregg Herlong
Vice President, Market Executive
Susan Homberg
Regional Director, Leasing
James E. Jacobs
Senior Director, Finance
Kyle Jardine
Vice President, Market Executive
Davina Kleid
Executive Assistant, Real Estate
Robert G. Lloyd, Jr.
Vice President, Construction
Tracy Lo, LEED AP
Project Director, Construction
Daniel Lucenti, AIA
Project Director, Construction
Joseph Luers, LEED AP BD+C
Director, Engineering and Operations
Brendan McHugh, RPA, FMA, LEED AP, CPM
Vice President, Asset Management
Natalie Mendelsohn, Esq.
Senior Real Estate Counsel
Brandon Nickoles
Leasing Associate
Courtney Opher
Project Compliance Coordinator
Sami Proctor
Senior Director, Marketing
Ben Ryan
Corporate Accountant
Karen Weidner
Executive Assistant
Dawn Yannelli
Contract Manager, Construction
Steve Zullo
Senior Project Manager, Construction