Nurturing opportunities for all.

Wexford believes Knowledge Communities can open the door to a lifetime of learning and development. Our deep relationships with construction management partners have ensured that our projects can meet and exceed local WBE/MBE and HUB goals for employment and subcontractors, while our involvement with the local school systems and regional community colleges has created a wealth of events and programming opportunities that expose students of all ages to exciting career paths in science and technology.

Community building with purpose.

Wexford has made significant financial commitments to community building across our portfolio.  From helping to create and fund the Southwest partnership (a collaboration of the seven neighborhoods surrounding our project in Baltimore), to creating space for Philadelphia’s biomedical technician training program, to providing start-up funding for a workforce housing project in Norfolk, VA, Wexford actively pursues opportunities to strengthen the fabric of the communities in which we work.

Bringing people together.

Strong communities feature inviting public places that are centers for congregation, social and intellectual networking, and serve as an iconic heart of the Knowledge Community.  Wexford has thoughtfully created large parks and commons at several projects that serve this purpose, including St. Louis and Winston-Salem.  We also spend significant time and resources ensuring that our building common areas are activated and engaging places for the social interactions, both intentional and accidental, from which new relationships, ideas, and even companies are born.