Making space for innovation.

At Wexford, we know that collaborative innovation requires dynamic spaces. With this in mind, Wexford’s buildings include a variety of space sizes and types, from small office and flexible lab suites to build-to-suit Class A offices and private labs. We infuse our buildings with amenities such as conferencing centers, fitness facilities, and engaging common spaces. We also partner with leading developers of retail, housing, hotel, transportation, and green spaces to ensure our projects are mixed-use communities, reflective of the assets and requirements of the region.

Creating the right mix.

A successful Knowledge Community requires far more than compelling real estate. Together with our partners, we create vibrant economic ecosystems that act as a magnet for talent, innovation and economic growth.  We work closely with our University partners to develop a strategy that brings together key elements: a variety of academic disciplines, companies that leverage research for growth, a strong talent pipeline and state-of-the-art space. As a result, our projects have achieved national prominence and created measurable impact on a regional scale.

Encouraging collaboration.

For start-ups and early stage entrepreneurs, Wexford has developed a series of Innovation Centers, designed to leverage the unique advantages of the University and requirements of the region. In most cases, Wexford partners with the leading innovation center operators to ensure that our tenants have access to the most successful innovation models and programs.

A robust innovation network of connected university partners.

With a critical mass of top research universities and growing Knowledge Communities across our portfolio, we manage our portfolio as the University Innovation Network ®, bringing together our university partners to promote the exchange of ideas, identification of best practices and creation of value-added programming.